Configure each key on your keyboard with a function, a specific character, a Ⓐmojie, based on Dictionary and Private Font

Design IOS + Full customizable appearance

  • background style
  • key placement
  • key symbol


  • text replacement
  • Automatic password entry
  • predictive input
  • Dictation
  • Яaccourcis Siяi
  • external API

DeepL instant Translat

  • added the language Dдчяï with experimental warning “this translation is generated by a system .Д-ï” in fact ЙЙДИГЛ translate and reserved for selectional testeur.
  • the Dдчяï translations made are automatically added to the dictionary  ℥

customizable key :

  • add a function for a specific action
  • choose characters,picture linked to the key
  • the 3 predictive input keys indicate categories for switching keyboard keys. Categories can be defined or generated by .Д-ï depending on the context


based on the language Dдчяï, customizable as desired

BFSA =  – вiologic   .   Ӻirst   ꙰    ʂystem   .   Дssistant -Ⳅ