Eco-system Ⓐ

The idea is to create a “pilot store” to show the principle and then to open 1 in each of these cities: Geneva, Lausanne, bale, zurick, berne, Lugano, Verbier. Later internationally. 


The concept is simple. Create a unique place, combining aesthetics, friendliness and usefulness. 

Goal is to offer products from local crafts at producer prices, available 24/7. 

The store is divided into 3 parts 

– The meeting area is a friendly and warm relaxing place where you can discover the products, share a drink and access an iPad.

– The shopping area, where each product can be purchased.

– The Postal Area, to pick up or drop off items. 

From his user account on the mobile application, the consumer can manage different interactions. 

– access to the lottery of the month: 1 person drawn at random wins an assortment of products 

– access the week’s list: every week, a pre-established shopping list with the associated recipes is proposed to consumers

– access online shopping: the consumer can prepare his basket directly from the application.

– follows news related to: auction / guestLIst / topRatio ( a bit like following sports betting) 

Consumers must rate the products on a scale of 3.2 ⭐️ and can report their opinions / desires / remarks. 

On the economic level. There are 2 types of customers 

° producers: he rents a location to display their products, according to 3 types of rentals. The leases is 3 months and 2 weeks. 

We provided them with a report on the consumption habits related to their products to enable them to optimize their sales. ( did you know bitnag ? ) 

– auctions 

Some of Locations, at the end of the previous lease, those who have paid the most get the Locations.

– guestList 

Lot of locations, At the invitation of a producer who has already exhibited, the new ones are on the waiting list, when the previous wave ends its lease, the new wave exposes. 

– TopЯatio 

Few locations, Criteria to be met: 3.2 ⭐️ 

– as quickly as possible to the product launch 


– stay the slowest at this score 

Consumers: the application is free, however some features are unlocked with a paid subscription 


This is a quick description of the first elements to have for the opening. 

Then we would like to fully automate the process (for example, a robotic system to prepare the consumer baskets). The final idea remains to create a chain of stores 


next to it I have another project that could attract people to the meeting space. 

Create an application ( FAceIT) based on “look games”. 

The principle is simple: look the opponent in the eye. look away, blink and you lose the game. There is a universal ranking visible to all. 

How it works: 

> you download the application 

> you select some criteria on the selection of your opponent (age, sex, location…) 

> you click on “search for an opponent” 

> the game begins

Economically: the application is free but a subscription allows you to contact the people you have played with. 

It may also be possible to negotiate “discount coupons” with commercial brands depending on the position in the ranking. 


Yet another project that is part of this eco-system.

Offer an anonymous payment system using a Revolut business account. 

Revolut business account: 

The account is in the name of Üriel hollenweger, the cards issued are in the name of Üriel hollenweger. 

Each Яequerant has a personal space on the Revolut business account, card issued to him is linked to his space. On business accounts, Яequerants are identified by a number. Each number is linked to the identity of Яequerant on a system external to the bank: S-Д.holdings 


1/ Яequerant has a classic credit card

2/ open a Revolut private account sponsored by Üriel hollenweger 

3/ link your classic credit card to your Revolut private account

4/ link your private Revolut card to the Revolut business account Üriel hollenweger

5/ a card in the name “Üriel hollenweger”, linked to the Revolut business account is provided to Яequerant 


1/ Top-Up money from the classic credit card to the Revolut private account 

2/ Top-UP money from the Revolut private account to the Revolut business account

3/ the Top-UP amount is redistributed on the Яequerant space.

3/ pay with the Revolut business account card


3 type of offer: 

– 0.32 Chf / 3.2 Chf / 32 Chf 

Depending on the offer, Яequerant has a different level of service in the following areas: 

– Concierge service 

– payment limit 

– number of spaces 

– crypto trading 

– visual of the card. 

It is necessary to develop the interface and integrate the banking API into it